Covid-19: An Update from St. Philips

We wanted to update everyone on what St Philips have been up to over the last few weeks. Most importantly, our team are safe and well and adhering to the measures currently in place to protect us all. We also want to take this opportunity to thank all the superheroes who are keeping this Country going – we are hugely grateful to all of you.  

Our head office team who are working from home have, over the last few weeks: 

In terms of construction, work on our largest site, The Silk Works in Coventry has continued although we’ve been working slightly differently to ensure the safety of everyone on site.  We are currently working on a strategy to get the Millfield Farm, Nottinghamshire team safely back on site next week.

We have added virtual tours of all our show homes onto the St Philips Homes website and we have taken reservations off the back of these which is really positive. We ‘distance handed’ over a completed home to a very happy purchaser at The Glebe at Belbroughton and we will return to complete the home demo as soon as we are able, although we’ve been available on video and phone calls. We have also taken this opportunity to work on the functionality of our St Philips Homes website and we’ve built additional tools to incorporate into it.

It’s been a very different and challenging few weeks for everyone –  we’ve had to adapt quickly and efficiently. We are looking forward to seeing our purchasers, colleagues and friends face to face as soon as we are able – we’ve really missed you. We’re also looking forward to returning to our roles in land and housebuilding full time – we are not, we have decided, cut out for the teaching profession!


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