Planning Permission Secured for Cromwell Lane in Coventry

St Philips has successfully secured planning permission for 240 dwellings within the designated Green Belt at Cromwell Lane, Coventry.

Prior to St Philips’ involvement, the site had benefitted from a draft residential allocation in a previous Development Plan. However, the allocation was rejected by the Inspector leaving the site tainted for future prospects.

St Philips prepared a detailed critique of key evidence-based documents, from which a comprehensive suite of representations and promotional documents were produced and submitted to Coventry City Council in response to consultation on its emerging Local Plan, dealing with the shortfalls that led to the exclusion of the site in the previous plan.

The critique led to the production of an objective assessment of the city’s housing need, researching and presenting technical evidence on landscape sensitivity, ecology and sustainability in order to construct a compelling case for the site’s release from the Green Belt.

St Philips provided extensive evidence to support dialogue with the Council, culminating in the draft allocation being secured in the submission version of the Local Plan. An outline planning application was also prepared and submitted in parallel with the commencement of the Examination in Public of the Local Plan.

In St Philips’ representation at the EiP hearings, the outline application served to demonstrate to the Inspector that the site was free from environmental and technical constraints, and capable of being delivered within the plan period. The Local Plan was found to be sound by the Inspector, who has raised no concerns in relation to the allocation of the site. A resolution to grant planning permission was made in February 2018 subject to the signing of the S106.

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