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Binley Woods, Warwickshire

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St. Philips have submitted a planning application for 137 dwellings within the designated Green Belt at Coventry Stadium, Binley Woods.

An outline planning application with all matters reserved (except access) was submitted to Rugby Borough Council in January 2018.

The key features of the proposed development are the demolition of the existing stadium and its associated buildings, replacing them with the provision of a wide range of new open market housing and up to 55 affordable housing units.

The proposals also include a green public open space that contains an area for formal play, tree planting in the northern section of the site to adjoin the existing woodland and tree planting along the eastern and southern boundaries to allow visual and wildlife integration.

St. Philips appointed a consultancy team in order to provide a comprehensive suite of evidence to support the application.

This concluded that the site is in a sustainable location to accommodate additional housing growth and well related to the existing settlement of BinleyWoods and its local facilities.

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